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Our leagues take part over sixteen weeks;

Week One

Week one will be everyone’s introduction day, this is where you meet your teammates for the first time, meet your coaches and hear from other inspired individuals all out in place to help motivate you to move in the right direction.

Once the introduction has been complete, teams will engage in conversations which result in a captain and vice captain being named along with the creation and imaginative team names.

As you are all mingling in your teams, the coach will take teams down separately then individually weigh members before a brief chat and you are sent on your way. Once you are weighed that is your registered start weight so your aim is to lose weight each week after.

You will fill in your food diary each day, this is important so it’s vital that you are honest in doing so as it gives us an indication on where we can improve.

Week Two to Fifteen

Week Two to Fifteen will be where the fun starts, you will be given a fixture each week and you will attend thirty minutes before your match is due to start. In this thirty minutes the coach will weigh you, look over your food diary and have a quick chat before revealing whether you have lost weight from the previous week. If you successfully lose weight from the previous week then you will automatically place your team one goal up before the match has even started; so there’s everything to play for.

Failure to lose weight will result in an own goal meaning that the opposition will be a goal to the good. If your weight remains the same then   No goals are scored for or against.

Hat-tricks can be scored when milestones are hit, such as; 5, 10, 15, 20 percent body fat loses.

Depending on your membership type there are a number of group fitness sessions that you can attend during the week which is put in place to help you shred those pounds in a healthy way.

Final Week

Lastly the final week, week sixteen is where we award winning teams and individuals that have achieved fantastic weight loss and much more individual awards and prizes.

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