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Start Sports was created to offer both male and females the opportunity to lose weight through the love of playing sports. All participants will have the exact same goal upon joining a local league (losing weight) therefore you won’t have that daunting experience of feeling out of place.

Start Sports was founded by Sports Development Officer Louis Hanley. After managing a number of participants through a similar weight loss league and successfully breaking a national weight loss record, Louis decided to kick start a company that caters for both male and females with the aim of changing individuals physical and mental health.

Focusing purely on Football to begin with Louis managed a similar league over a 16 week period that resulted in a total weight loss of 694kg between 80 men. It was at that moment that Louis new that more leagues with a range of sports and for both male and females was needed throughout the UK. The success of the league reached local ITV News headlines and newspapers but most importantly it changed mental health and well-being of so many participants. Louis has coached every age group from nursery school to adults; in addition to this we are working in partnership with a fresh and exciting sports company known as “NEW GENERATION SPORTS”

Start Sports in association with New Generation Sports will target areas across the UK that have highly populated areas of obesity; in addition to this, leagues will be erected based on the number of applications received for any one specific area.

Our aim is to reach out to as many individuals across the UK and help support their weight loss goals by offering them a platform that is proven to work, Qualified coaches that are passionate and knowledgeable, a safe, friendly and welcoming environment and surrounded by many other similar and supportive league members.


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